Ways to Support Clear Creek Christian School

Please see below the many ways that you can support Clear Creek Christian School. 

  • Pray for Clear Creek Christian School

    We ask you to pray for Clear Creek Christian School. We have already been blessed immeasurably, but we ask you to pray for the students who are supposed to be in this building, for our staff to be able to teach his word, and for our families to be blessed.

  • Donate directly to Clear Creek Christian School

    Click here to donate to CCCS

    If you do not want to give online, please feel free to mail or drop off your gift in the CCCS office. 

    Thank you for blessing Clear Creek Christian School. 

    Clear Creek Christian School

    530 W. Church Lane

    Bloomington, IN. 47403

  • SGO (Scholarship Granting Organization)

    Click here to donate to the SGO in order to assist with financial needs of students at Clear Creek Christian School. This is done through the Sagamore Institutes Scholarships for Education Choice. 

  • Redeem your Box Tops and send them in to school. There is a collection bucket in the office. The more Box Tops that are collected, the more money our school gets. You can check out the Box Tops for Education website by clicking above.

  • Click here for the directions for how to register your Kroger card to the Clear Creek Christian School community rewards. Our school NPO # is MX465.

  • Amazon Smile

    Click here to log in to Amazon.

  • Pizza X Proof of Purchase

    Order pizza from Pizza X and cut the proof of purchase off the box. Send them into school where we have a bucket to collect them in. One of our PTF parents comes in and collects them when they are getting full and the proof of purchases earn money for our school. Go enjoy some pizza and make money for our school. It is a win-win!