By Our Love

“By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.” John 13:35

The “By Our Love Project” is an annual school-wide, cross-curricular project based on John 13:35; which reminds us that we will be recognized as Christ-followers by our love for others by noticing a need and helping to authentically address that need in a meaningful way. This project allows students to put their faith into action by loving others. 


2021-2022 By Our Love Project

What is the need?

We believe that every student at CCCS is impacted by cancer at some level. Cancer can feel big and scary. As Christians, we are called to love and care for the sick. Seeking to understand cancer and knowing those who have fought it takes the power away from cancer and empowers our students to fight alongside those they love with care, compassion, and prayer.

How will we help?

Students will engage in multiple learning experiences to understand cancer and cancer treatments. They will make comfort items (chemo caps and lymphedema pillows) to share with the Olcott Cancer Navigation team. This team supports patients from diagnosis to survivorship. They will deliver the items to the Navigators to be distributed to the cancer patients and caretakers they work with.

Final Project Summary

To give students an understanding of the science of cancer, students harvested their own cheek cells to view under a microscope in STEAM class.  They were fascinated at this building block that God designed and how T-cells help us fight cancer!  The students also met with Nurse Navigators from the Olcott Cancer Support Team Center to hear firsthand from survivors of cancer about their journey and how we can support those battling cancer. The 2022 By Our Love project wrapped up by delivering over 70 lymphedema pillows and knitted hats to the Cancer Support Community of South Central Indiana.  Thank you to the Nurse Navigators from Olcott Center, Sherwood Oaks Church "Piecemakers" and City Church "Sew Good to Give" groups for their help teaching the children about cancer care and practical ways to help show our love for others! 

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2020-2021 By Our Love Project

What is the need?

In brainstorming ways in which we could show Christ’s love, the topic of homelessness came up for our 6th graders. Food insecurity is very much connected with homelessness. There are people in our community experiencing food insecurity. This means we have neighbors who don’t know where or when they will have their next meal. 

How will we help?

As a school, we will raise funds and canned food donations for Backpack Buddies, a program run by Community Kitchen, an organization chosen by the 6th-grade class. By raising funds and food donations for a local organization already addressing food insecurity,  we can help make a tangible difference and put our faith into action. 

Final Project Summary

The 2020-2021 project focused on food insecurity. CCCS teachers taught their classrooms about food insecurity and nutrition, as well as how to identify organizations that support vulnerable individuals in our community.

The students partnered with Backpack Buddies, a program of the Community Kitchen for children facing food insecurity. Students collected over 1,000lbs of food and over $200 through the months of April and May to be delivered by bus to their facility!

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